Deaf people are part of the society, part of the family. They should be fully integrated in all family and society activities. They should not be isolated and they should not isolate themselves or retract into Deaf Ghettos. This needs both encouragement from Society and courage of Deaf people. All Deaf children have the right to proper schooling even thou the State can not provide schooling for every child.  Sign Language is the Mother Tongue of the Deaf people. While the community should respect this, both sides should strive to learn the language of the other. SNSD should stand firmly behind and support the right of free choice for Deaf people in all issues.
SNSD is working to insure a place for every Deaf child in an Amal Institute or an integrated school. It encourages Federal and State Governments to join hands with SNSD and contribute a good share for that goal. From its long experience the SNSD found out that Deaf students fare better with technical and artistic subjects of education and find difficulties with reciting, therefore should design suitable curriculum. Deaf children do better with Bilingualism and total communication. Special attention should be given to the under privileged Deaf Women.  SNSD should continue to maintain its independent and nongovernmental status. Cooperating with government ministries and agencies is crucial to ensure official and financial support. Interacting with ordinary individuals, civil societies and community at large to win their backing. Amal Institutes are not ordinary schools, they are centers for special education and interaction with community, its staff is a mixture of Government paid, SNSD paid, and Volunteers

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