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          The purpose of SNSD is to Care for the Deaf and H of H. Establish. To Establish Amal Institutes (schools) for Deaf Children from Pre School level up to high school in every locality in the country with a sizable Deaf community. Design and execute training and orientation programs for teachers of the Deaf, social workers, counselors and volunteers. Document SSL and propagate by teaching to a broad section of community.  Follow through Deaf students from Amal Institutes to the Universities and provides them with SSL Interpreters.  Provide SSL interpreters to all Deaf individuals or groups in all situations. Design and execute integration and training programs for the Deaf people. Establish and help to establish effective democratic bodies of Deaf communities within or outside the SNSD. Design and execute special programs for Total Communication and Early Intervention SNSD established 14 Amal institutes in different parts of the country, some with preschool classes, at least 3 with high school education. *Established 24 SNSD Braches some (14) are active, some struggling, others are not.. *Established a National Training Course for Teachers of the Deaf that is equivalent to diploma, 11 such courses took place until now, the last was in Kasala January 2007.Established  3 Regional Courses the last was in Gadarif May 2007. *Established Commission of SSL, a solid 3 level program for SSL training is going on for the last 20years in most SNSD centers. *Produced 1st SSL dictionary 1994, "Communication" videotape 1998,CD 2000,and completed the expanded 2nd edition dictionary 2001 which is facing financial publishing difficulties.

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