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Message to Collin Allen,

President WFD and executive committee members.:
We have received your letter dated 22/Dec/2012 with pleasure and we thank you for the good Wishes that heartened us.
We take this opportunity to Inform you that our two representative members in the General Assembly of the WFD, held in South Africa in July last  year have casted their votes in favor of  your election as President of the WFD according to clear instructions from the presidency of the National Society for the Deaf ( SNSD ), as well as they voting for the selection of Turkey to host  the coming WFD General assembly.
You already know that SNSD is concerned with the education of the deaf children in the Sudan and that is since its founding in 1970 up to now, it is also sponsored by the deaf of both sexes of all ages in order to achieve their goals in a dignified life . The SNSD has established the Deaf Theater Company. The SNSD is committed to codes of the rights of deaf children and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rights of the disabled.
Allow us to invite you to visit our web site www.sudanesedeaf.org

D. Taha Talaat
President SNSD     

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