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The SNSD is totally founded on free giving and voluntary contribution. It works on providing advice and experience to all matters related to deafness and the Deaf (and Hard of Hearing) free without remuneration. It devotes its active efforts to whatever helps to improve the educational, social, material, and psychological conditions of the Deaf (and Hard of Hearing), and helps their rehabilitation and employment. It also works on protecting the Deaf (and Hard of Hearing) from being abused, and continuously presents their needs and achievements to the public and the state. It contributes with civil and governmental organizations for solving problems that face the Deaf (and Hard of Hearing) to correct the shortages and deficiencies resulting from the problem of deafness:  social, economical, and legal. The society shall practice its mission from its Head Quarter and by establishing its branches in States and Districts, in accordance with its bylaws”.

The SNSD produces a public annual financial report prepared by a legal certified accountant office. This report is read by the Treasurer in the GA, discussed accepted amended or rejected. A copy is sent to the Registrar’s office. The last financial report of  the fiscal year 1/1/2006-31/12/2006 was presented by the Treasurer to the latest GA in 26 April 2007 is available on request, and shall be sent by mail or fax..

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