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The National GA is constituted of delegates from all Branches of the SNSD, 1 Delegate for every 10 members. b) EC: 15 Members (by concession 5 are Deaf, 5 are Experts, 5 are Parents or from a family of a Deaf person or a Hard of Hearing): President, Secretary General, and Treasurer each has a deputy. 3 of these 6 are either Deaf or H of H, they form the Council of Directors (CD). 9 Committee Members at least 4 of them are either Deaf or H of H. 6 Reserve members are also elected 3 of them are either Deaf or H of H. c) CD is running every day work. d) Board of Trustees (BT) is formed of founding and ordinary members of SNSD who are no longer involved in responsibilities or regular activities together with important National Figures, a mixture of Deaf, H of H and hearing persons. e) Sudanese Deaf and Deaf Women’s League SNDL and its Branches. The youth organ of SNSD is of all Deaf membership. It has a GA, and 15 members EC. f) Provincial / State Branches and HQ Branch has mixed membership each has its GA s and EC s. g) Social Mutual Fund of the Deaf (SMFD) has a 9 all Deaf Board members appointed by both the SNDL and the SNSD EC s. 

At all levels GA s are held under supervision of a Neutral Committee and Government official. 

At all levels voting is open and on the base of one man one vote

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