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A-Sign Language Interpreters, in fact the SNSD has trained all SSL interpreters in the country., It grants certificates at 3 well proscribed levels. It established a National Registry for SSL interpreters, and published a code of ethics for SL interpreters.B-The SNSD established the SSL commission in 1994. C-The SNSD has 14 Amal Institutes with at least 1800 Deaf Students, it held two workshops on Curriculum for the Deaf, the third is going to be held in December this year. SNSD was appointed as a member of the National Council on Curriculum. It helped to establish the Department (s) of Special Education, 5 of its present nation wide directors are members of SNSD.D-There is no organized group of Parents of Deaf Children, but many of SNSD members are Parents of Deaf Children and a good number of them assume executive positions

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