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March 2012 TTTCC celebrated the graduation of the forth batch of TTTCC after they spent two years of preschool education and rehabilitation period They are ready now to join amal 3 institute – Mulazmin Omdurman – for basic education the celebration was attended by abig crowd of parents – mostly mothers – brothers and sisters

 The celebration addressed by taha Talaat snsd president , ahmed sayed ragab secretary general snsd , yousif orebi public relation officer TTTCC . fayza Hassan director TTTCC , sarah osman deputy director TTTCC , the model mother of deaf children in TTTCC and the representative of parents – a mother of two deaf children in TTTCC                                                                                  The graduates came in avery dignified procession then offered tattooing and acrobatic show .Then graduation certificates were handed to the twenty deaf children – boys and girls together with presents like dolls , toys and games .                                                                                   

Files including their progress reports during two years of education and rehabilitation were handed to somia babikir director of amal 3   

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