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111I am writing to request your generous donations for the Sudanese National Society for the Deaf.

We had previously shipped 2 Hearing Aid Analyzers ($15,000) courtesy of Fransican Skemp Healthcare in La Crosse, WI to the Adeela Center, and Taha Talaat

Centers in Khartoum.  These two centers are part of SNSD, (a non profit, non governmental, independent organization) that teach pre school deaf children how to communicate (lip reading, sign language,pronunciation etc..)


The next step is to purchase the accessories and software ($3270.50) to enable these devices to fully function.

These 2 Hearing Aid Analyzers are the first to reach Sudan; they will enable the staff in these two centers to test/adjust hearing aids of the preschool children.

As we enjoy our weekend with our healthy children, let us take a moment and think of our less fortunate kindred. Think of the deaf child in Sudan who is trying to communicate with others and how you can make a difference in their lives.

I personally visited SNSD in February, they work they have done over the years is amazing. I saw an organization that embraces deaf children from pre-school level through primary school all the way to high school. In fact, just recently one of their children enrolled in Law School; a triumph given our intimate knowledge of how things are in Sudan

Find attached invoice for accessories and photos of SAMA Hearing Aid analyzers in Sudan, photos of the graduation ceremony of pre school children from Taha Talaat Center in Omdurman.


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