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Title :HACKER DOES GROSS PRANK CHALLENGES TO MY BEST FRIEND (Last To Stop 24 Hour Challenge Wins $10,000)
Video ID :EkGv2r-CBZY
Duration :00:17:48
Viewed :3,795,782x
Published :07 July 2019
Source :Youtube
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After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER DARES CHAD & REGINA to Twin Telepathy, Floor Is Lava & Fortnite Dance Challenge PZ9 vs Daniel, Vy Qwaint created PROJECT ZORGO HACKS VIDCON WEBSITE! Spending 24 Hours to Acquire Conference Passes from Hackers and Daniel uploaded DANIEL ARRESTED by HACKERS & REVEALED AS SPY NINJA - PZ9 REJOINS PROJECT ZORGO for 24 Hour Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, Daniel is trapped by PZ9 and brought to the Project Zorgo Headquarters. Chad and Regina were spotted by PZ9 when he hacked the safe house, and thankfully for my small ninja stature, I was able to remain undetected. It gave me the opportunity to follow Daniels location to save him! When I found Daniel, he was being held captive by PZ9 in a mysterious, dark, hacker basement. It seems like PZ9 is putting Daniel through an exit ceremony, where PZ members do gross challenges before they can quit the organization. PZ9 must be is working with Project Zorgo again and used Daniel to get back in. Will he still lead the Vidcon hacking mission? Is he still planning on taking over YouTube himself? Can PZ9 possibly be Justin? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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